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Сегодня нас ждёт необычный формат. Предлагаю сыграть в детективов!

Практически у нас на глазах некий злоумышленник (a perp) лишит жизни ни в чём не повинного человека… Но допустит одну ошибку. Если понять какую именно, злодея можно будет изобличить. Then we can expose the villain.


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  • Alexam
    Obviously, Sir. Morgan is the murderer. It is impossible to identify the victim from a height of 30 m in the dark because it is very high for this. But the baron recognized the poor young man at first sight.

  • DonalGrim .
    DonalGrim .
    First of all, we have only one candidate for the role of perp right now and it owner of the castle – Sir Morgan, who was near the flight site and arranged the visit of sleuth Dr. Haledjian (which is pronounced much better in Russian) . Let's accumulate available evidence:

    1. The door opens outwards as we can see in this phrase : “Sir Morgan Brookfield pulled back a massive door that opened off one of the arched corridors in his 500-year-old castle.” , hence there no chance what victim closed door after himself. And we can make an affirmation: the lawyer was pushed or hurled.
    2. The drop was completely silent, although young solicitor could have about 2,5 sec to shout, while falling from 30 meters height (and acoustics should be wonderful).
    So the next statement - Ritchie was unconscious. And probably tossed by male because it requires some strength.
    3. Sir Morgan recognize poor boy from a 30-meter height with help of just flashlight! (Thanks Alexam) This probably indicates that the Sir Morgan knew in advance who lies in the pit.

    Of course, this is only half-proof, but if we lived in Ancient Rome that would be enough for a judge, cause two half-proof constituted a complete proof in roman law in the past. [Mlodinow Leonard, The drunkard’s walk , page 27] Since then, the law and the probability theory has been advanced far enough to require additional evidence of the fault of the owner of the castle.
    An analysis was made of the DNA skin residues under the nails of a lawyer, which showed that the butler was the murderer! After questioning the butler, it turned out that he was forced to do this by his mistress, Lady Brookfield. In order not to delay the story, let's read the last words of the lady on the Court:

    I was intended to be a wife to Sir Morgan at the age of 16 and soon after graduation at a boarding school for young ladies, I arrived at the castle. Shortly after the marriage, I realized that I did not like Sir Morgan and that he was probably gay. I spent days in the old library of the castle, reading Victorian novels and watching the park in the window. One day I saw how the lord lovingly greeted my solicitor and leads to the castle and then heard the outstanding sounds of love from lord's room. I was destroyed.
    Soon I read in family legends how the Lords of Brookfield got rid of the lovers of their wives, dropping them into a special room without a bottom. Then I decided to take revenge on my husband and after I learned that my husband called the famous criminologist and sleuth, my plan was formed. It remains only to persuade the old servant, make an appointment with solicitor and to fake his suicide, by dropping his unfeeling body in the pit with the ring of my husband clamped in his hand with the help of a butler who hid in the next room .
    Unfortunately, my knowledge of the investigations was based on reading old novels and I did not know anything about DNA tests. Which led to the failure of my plan.
    That's how the old aristocracy is approaching its decline, just sitting in its castles and reading old novels, "said the lady, shaking her head sadly.

    And this is the end of the story of the bottomless pit of Brookfield Castle.

  • Евгений
    The door was closed. Hence someone else did it

Комментарии (50)
  • Александр К.
    Александр К.
    I think the sleuth noticed the door being shut. Poor solicitor couldn’t had shut the door after he had committed suicide. Thus there was someone else. That villain must have pushed the layer down.
  • olya.butina1955
    Большое спасибо за Ваши прекрасные витаминки. Будет ли продолжение этих Two minute mysteries? И где можно скачать эту интересную книгу?
  • Ответ пользователю olya.butina1955
    Юрий Жданов
    Юрий Жданов Эксперт Puzzle English
    Продолжение, конечно, будет.
    Скачать? Не знаю, есть ли она в эл. виде.
    Я покупал на amazon в бумажном виде (used).
  • marinska_84
    Очень интересная витаминка!!! Скажите, а можно ли где-то скачать эту прекрасную унигу Two minute mysteries?? Буду очень признательна за помощь))
  • Юлия М
    Юлия М
    Шикарная витаминка!! Очень понравилось!!! как правильно сказать? It is classy vitamin. I liked it!!!
  • Tatiana Dolgova
    Tatiana Dolgova
    Murderer is a gardener )))
  • Go-getter
    Если позволите, на часть загадок попробую ответить я.
    1. Как мог сэр Морган в слабом свете фонарика разглядеть, кто там лежит внизу, на глубине ямы высотой в 9-этажный дом?

    Светодиодный фонарик (6-7 поколений... и более современные) вполне способен осветить предмет с расстояния 300 м. Сам являюсь владельцем такого фонарика. Так что хозяин замка в наши дни вполне мог это сделать. Это недорого.

    2. Как эту ямищу вообще могли выдолбить в скале (замки обычно строили на крепком фундаменте)? Чем копали-то?

    Ямищу не долбили в скале. Замок - фортификационное сооружение.
    Стены строили на валу. если очень приближенно, то готовили специальный холм, а потом на нем строили стены, эскарпировали склоны. Ров рыли раньше всего, а землю использовали для холма. Не было тогда экскаваторов.

    3. Каким образом сыщик услышал звук падения тела? Он что – экстрасенс?
    В замках делали вентиляцию. Шахты моги быть общими для соседних комнат. Звукопроводимость, как правило, отличная.

    Так что все находит свое объяснение. Похоже, что автор бывал и ночевал в английских замках.
    Всем, кому интересны реальные загадки истории, связанные с замками, рекомендую цикл передач Time Team. Это была одна из самых популярных передач британского телевидения, пока продюсеры не решили обновить состав ведущих и не пропихнуть любовницу одного из них. Существовала больше 20 лет.
  • Ответ пользователю Go-getter
    Юрий Жданов
    Юрий Жданов Эксперт Puzzle English
    Re: 1.

    The book was originally published back in 1967.
    The edition I have at home dates back to 1975. So much for modern flashlights, I guess.

    I don't think the guy was taking the setting / details seriously. The stories were probably meant to be read and answered in rapid fire mode, one after another.

    That's all there's to them.

    Yet, like I said, it was fun hearing people dig real deep into it. I love my readers.
  • Ответ пользователю Юрий Жданов
    Got it. And thank you very much for being a person who inspires all of his readers! We learn a lot of useful stuff the easiest way and at the same time we have fun. Some pieces of your advice are breakthroughs for me that help be more efficient.
  • Ответ пользователю Юрий Жданов
    Yeap, and readers do love you back!
  • Ответ пользователю Go-getter
    A-Little Demon
    A-Little Demon
    Не заете кто автор книги? интересное чтиво.
  • q8x8p
    Спасибо, как всегда интересно и познавательно.
  • Вера Болотина
    Вера Болотина
    I am blond and I don't understand this answer.
  • alfamistero
    The door of suicide room was closed when men run toward. Dead guy couldn't have closed it :))
  • Роман Коробейников
    Роман Коробейников
    What the hell is the solicitor doing in Morgans' castle during the night?
  • Ответ пользователю Роман Коробейников
    Денис Чирков
    Денис Чирков
    Если здесь переводят solicitor, как стряпчий, то, возможно, готовил завтрак
  • Ответ пользователю Денис Чирков
    Юрий Жданов
    Юрий Жданов Эксперт Puzzle English
    стряпчий (устар.) = юрисконсульт
  • Елизавета Пляскина
    Елизавета Пляскина
    I think sir Morgan is not a murder, Cos it's too obvious version to be correct. But really it`s impossible to fall down and close the door behind you. It`s the thing Mr. Haledjian notised.
  • Pasha
    Sir Morgan is a murder! I guess he showed the suicide room to the solicitor and pushed him. Evidently the sleuth couldn't have heard the sound of fall from behind the closed massive door. Someone closed this door just after tha fall. That could be only Sir Morgan who was pretending to come up at the crime scene from his room a bit earlier.
  • Go-getter
    Mr. Haledjian was a shrewd person. He noticed that the door to that dark pit could have been open only after someone had pushed it. So, it was a piece of cake to identify that a homicide was committed, not an accident took place.
    The poor lawyer could not have hurled himself and then push the door back. The murderer must have shoved the door shut.
  • Дмитрий Кинаш
    Дмитрий Кинаш
    Mr Haledjian said thus because the door was closed. This is a massive door and it can be opened outside and not inside. Only shoving can close it. Moreover, this young man haven't any reason to hide his dead body at this night because everybode knew that at next day a mason would arrive from the village, and his body would be found.

    Who did the murder? It is another question and the police have to give the answer. But there are some interesting questions and they can to solve the case. Why did Sir Morgan call to memory this creepy legend when his wife hired a lawyer? What trial (тяжбу) did his wife start in court?

    And was there such a legend at all? The castle is only 500 years old and calculations say that if there were suicides with every fourth baron, then such suicides were only 2 or 3 - this is very small for the legend in this formulation. Rather, there would have been legends about ghosts and about the plague wife, who calls young men to hell.
  • Константин Пугач
    Константин Пугач
    I think someone pushed him, because it took a whole TWO persons to open the massive door. So, the poor killed sob was entering there with someone he trusted, and then he was shoved down, and then the door was closed - we know it's enough to have one man to close the door, since Sir Morgan did it. It could be Sir Morgan himself, or maybe his wife - someone the poor youth must have trusted.
  • Ответ пользователю Константин Пугач
    At the beginning of the story when Sir Morgan showed the suicide room to Dr. he was opening it by himself only. The fact that Dr. and Sir Morgan met in the corridor and put their hand together to open the door doesn't mean anything. They were just in a hurry to reveal what happened.
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